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    Thursday, February 26, 2009

    Note to designers: Remember the reader!

    One big problem with websites is that both their writers and designers usually forget about, well, the readers.

    Mandy Brown gives a gentle reminder to designers in the most recent issue of A List Apart.

    Her core insight? Respect the three distinct phases that the reader goes through and design accordingly.

    The reader's phases:

    1. Searching(a): Browsing to read something that interests them.
    2. Reading: Getting lost in what has captured their imagination.
    3. Searching(b): Returning to searching for something (further) to read.

    The designer's corresponding responsibilities are:

    1. Design in a way that invites the reader in.
    2. Design in a way that gives them visual room to "settle in" and read.
    3. Design links that will allow the reader to follow corresponding interests.

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