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    Wednesday, November 11, 2009

    Business Blogging 101: One topic per post

    Recently a small-business owner new to blogging asked me what he ABSOLUTELY MUST DO in order to write blog posts that people will want to read, will read to the end, and will generate traffic and sales.

    Talk about a tall order.

    But not as tall as you might think. There are a number of must do's when it comes to effective blogging, but what I'm writing about today's in the top three:


    If you're like me, you're busy. When you finally site down to blog, you want to dump everything in and move on to the next task.

    But for a host of reasons, that's a bad, bad idea. It defeats the purpose of business blogging in the first place, which is to give people bite-size info snippets that inform them and incite them to action. So short and single-minded is the key.

    Don't believe me? Which of the following do you think will get eyeballs and dollars: (a) Five short readable posts spread over two weeks or (b) one long, scattered, and meandering post every two weeks? I rest my case.

    If you're a Twitter user, think of blog posts as longish tweets: One topic. Period.


    Easy! Five points.

    1. Write it. Write whatever comes into your mind—anything and everything—as many topics as you want!!!
    2. Chunk it. Now go back and break up what you've written according to topic. This is what's called chunking.
    3. Name 'em. Then give each chunk a catchy title that uses the KEY WORD you’re emphasizing (this is SEO best practice, BTW).
    4. Copy 'em. Take each of those separated chunks and copy them one by one into your blog each as separate posts and put the appropriate title to it.
    5. Auto-post 'em. If your blogging client allows you, schedule each of the posts to go out at a particular time—say one every two days. If your client doesn't have that functionality, then just post the first one and save the others as drafts. Then every two days or so, log in and publish one.

    Voila! Easy, frequent, usable, and SEO-friendly blog content!

    Got it? Now go do it.

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